When you spend time out on the Florida waterways, whether it’s the Atlantic Ocean, the Caloosahatchee River, or anywhere else, you want to be sure you’re safe. Boat insurance can help you to recover from some of the most common issues that take place. Without a policy, you could end up making repairs or replacements on your own, which is costlier than you might realize.


If your boat is parked in a marina, at a pier or anywhere else and it is stolen, you want to be sure you have boat insurance. Even though you are going to file a police report, there’s no way to know if the police will find your boat. However, a claim with the insurance company can cover a replacement.


Boating accidents happen in Florida all the time. You may be in an area where there are many other boats, and before you know it, there is a collision. Plenty of boating festivals take place and it can be difficult to navigate the waters when there are so many watercraft around. Having the right policy will allow you to file a claim to ensure that the repairs are taken care of.


When you are captaining a boat, it is up to you to watch where you are going. If you injure a swimmer, either one who was on your boat or not, you are liable. However, with a boat insurance policy, you can file a claim that will help you take care of the medical expenses associated with the injury.


Storms and hurricanes in Florida happen all the time. If your boat isn’t in dry dock, it could easily be damaged. This could include a lightning strike, damage from flying debris, and various other things.


Especially if you’re fairly new at driving a boat, pier damage is common. Either you could damage the pier or the pier could damage your boat – or a combination of the two.


There are rules to follow when you are in certain depths of water. However, you may have run over a buoy and it caused damage to your boat. The good news is that the repairs may be covered within your policy.


When there is flooding in the area, the water can get everywhere – including where you don’t want it. If your boat is damaged because of the flooding, you will want to have the coverage on your policy that allows you to file a claim.

The reality is that all sorts of things can happen when you’re on your boat, and to your boat. It’s similar to a car, and that means needing to have a policy in Florida you can count on.