Even without a legal requirement to hold a title insurance rider, there are still advantages to doing so.

Let’s say that your organization has conducted all necessary research into a title, including gaining data on the title and land records history. Can you guarantee with absolute confidence that records were not fraudulently recorded or altered in the past? Any verifiable claim against your title would lead to a complete loss of investment. This could occur at any stage of development, or even after homes or condos are presented to market.

Sellers could even act in good faith, not knowing that their seemingly legitimate title is in fact compromised in some way. There many variables here, and it’s not worth taking chances.

There is simply too much risk for any condo board or association to shoulder alone. A title insurance rider offers essential protection that could quite literally save your company from financial ruin in the case that a title is found to be defective.

Moran Insurance can recommend the perfect insurance plan for your HOA or condo board.