There is no legal requirement stating that you must list your condo association on a homeowner insurance policy as an interested party. However, there are other factors to consider here.

The HOA or condo association of your residence may have bylaws or rules that require listing. Consult with your representative before making any decision regarding your insurance.

There are important reasons why your HOA or condo association would want to be listed as in interested party.

  • They will be notified if the insurance policy is cancelled. This allows them to determine whether homeowners are compliant with rules and bylaws.
  • Your property is part of a larger investment within a structured community. What happens within your condo or house can affect other residents and their investments. Knowing you are covered gives peace of mind to association or board members.
Always check before you purchase or renew an insurance policy. Failing to comply with association rules could come with strict penalties, depending on your agreement. Moran Insurance is a trusted insurance agency with extensive experience in Community Association insurance. Visit us to learn more about our Florida condo association and HOA insurance services.