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While outsourced CFO firms may offer different services depending on the particular project at hand, they generally include tasks such as identifying funding sources, balancing accounts, and improving financial processes.   

CustomOne CFO & Controllers is a trendsetter in the finance management industry, having more than 15 years of experience in virtual bookkeeping and administrative functions. Our business operates by a genuine principle of helping companies to better manage their finances, for improved workflow and procedural efficiency.

Can You Hire Outsourced CFO Companies on Fulltime or Part-time Basis?

The nature of outsourced CFO services is typically on-request. As such, most external accounting firms only work on a part-time basis depending on the duration of the contract signed with the client.

Some companies may only need these services during certain months when they are organizing their accounting books. Others may contract remote CFO's only when a specific project arises that requires their expertise for the completion of the task.

CustomOne CFO & Controllers offers flexible packages even for those who are seeking long-term commitments on a contractual basis. We are keen on fulfilling your accounting needs and can always adjust our schedule to fit into your demands.  

What are the Operating Hours of a Remote CFO?

Most of these agencies provide 24/7 finance management services, meaning you can rely on them even for urgent projects. The same isn’t true for fulltime executives, who are usually not available after their official working hours.

Moreover, employees aren’t quite reliable because they can miss out on a day when they are urgently needed in the office. Such situations can cause irreversible damages to your business that may take several months or years to recover if the matter was too critical.

Are There Legal Implications for Working with Outsourced CFO Companies?

No. CFO Outsourcing is fully legal under the U.S. corporate laws provided the client company is tax compliant and doesn’t engage in any business malpractice. Nevertheless, it’s still important to check where the CFO agency is originating from.

Some countries are under the U.S. government red-list for breaking international laws. Therefore, working with companies operating from their jurisdictions can lead to penalties.

At CustomOne CFO & Controllers, we are an American-based online finance management company, so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing your financial tasks to us. Our offices are in Urbandale, Iowa from where we mostly serve clients within the Greater Des Moines region.

Benefits of Remote CFO Services

Most outsourced CFO companies commit themselves to excellence. They have employees who are licensed public-accountants with the knowledge and professional capacity to handle any financial project you may have.

Similarly, by choosing them over an internal finance officer, you’ll enjoy greater reliability and flexibility. You also benefit from their insight into the industry since they have a wealth of market experience to share with their clients.

Work with the Best CFO Provider

At CustomOne CFO & Controllers, we are among the top-rated outsourced CFO firms in Urbandale, Iowa. You can trust us to deliver projects according to your expectations. We are committed to protecting your interests first before anything else. For more details about our services, give us a call on 515-971-9096.

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