Homeowners are always looking for companies that provide them with the best affordable insurance quotes and those which listen to the homeowners and create a policy that covers the homeowners needs. In places like Florida, home to the steepest homeowners insurance rates due to natural disasters like hurricanes, Tornadoes, windstorms and floods, it is often difficult to decide what insurer to select as most of the rates are high in the state.

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Before deciding on an insurer for your home, it is important to base your decision on the following criteria:

  • The insurance coverage provided.
  • How the company processes its claims.
  • Does the company have any discounted policies available?
  • How helpful is the customer service?
  • Does the insurance cover additional needs like flood coverage?
  • Is the insurance company financially stable enough to cover claims when needed?

We have some of the top rated Florida insurance companies according to their complaints ratio and the market share of homeowners insurance policies over the year.

Companies which have received the BEST rating based on claims services, claims processing, and complaints ratio are:

  1. ASI Assurance Corporation
  2. American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida
  3. Florida Family Insurance Company
  4. ASI Preferred Insurance Corp
  5. AMICS Mutual

Companies that have received a GOOD rating based on claim services, processing and complaints ratio are:

  1. Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance Company
  2. State Farm Florida Insurance Company
  3. ARK Royal Insurance Company
  4. Farmers Insurance
  5. Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Companies that have received an AVERAGE rating based on claims services, processing and complaints ratio are:

  1. John’s Insurance Company
  2. Tower Hill Prime Insurance Company
  3. Southern fidelity Insurance Company
  4. Castle Key Indemnity
  5. Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Inc.

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An Easier Way to Buy Policies from the Top Property Insurance Companies in Florida

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We’ve covered just a few of the best house insurance companies in Florida, and the list may already appear to be daunting. If you want to get the best insurance coverage with the most affordable rates, you will need to compare your options.

Doing this alone could be time-consuming and stressful. You would need to talk to each company individually, compare their policies, and go through the back and forth of asking questions and discussing rates. You have a family, a career, and a personal life to think about. Insurance is critically important, but it shouldn’t take weeks just to discover a policy that works.

With Moran Insurance, it doesn’t have to.

We maintain a comprehensive home insurance companies Florida list, and know exactly where to go for the best policies based on your needs. We can quickly gather the most competitive insurance offers and give you the information in a simple and easy to understand format. This will allow you to make an informed decision with the least possible investment in time. Buying insurance through an agent isn’t the lazy way; it’s the smarter way.

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Consider all the benefits you will gain from working with a top Florida homeowners insurance broker:

  • More choice means you will get access to policies that you might miss when exploring the market.
  • We do the legwork for you, so you will have more time to focus on the things that are important in your life.
  • Insurance companies want to sell you their policy. Their bottom line (sadly) can come before your unique needs. We are an independent insurance consulting agency. Our primary focus is connecting homeowners with the best policies on the market. We will always work in your best interests.
  • You can package multiple policies to save in cost and complexity. There’s simply more flexibility when you work with an agent.

Talk to Moran Insurance today and compare the best house insurance companies in Florida. We can package policies for health insurance, auto, boat, and other assets. Buying insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Make an informed decision with the most competitive rates today.

Call Moran Insurance or fill out our convenient web form for your obligation free quote and consultation.