Florida General Liability Insurance

Florida general liability policies protect businesses from litigation common in the normal course of business.

General liability insurance is slightly different in Florida than it is in any other state because the Florida legislature has control of the laws governing general liability insurance there. General liability insurance is designed to protect the owner and employees of a small business from the common types of litigation that can occur in the normal course of business.

A small business is defined by Florida law and federal law as an operation that employs 500 people or less. A business in Florida is not required to have general liability insurance according to Florida law. The option to have this type of protection is left to the discretion of the business owner or owners. Get general liability quotes at Moran Insurance or call 800-554-9142!

The amount of general liability insurance that a business needs depends on the type of business and the number of employees. Usually, a $1 million policy should be sufficient to protect your business provided that your policy pays that amount for each instance of need.

For peace of mind when operating your business, you will need other forms of coverage beyond general liability. Moran Insurance can package all your policies.

The five basic protections that general liability insurance provides you with are protection against the costs of legal defense and judgments against your business, protection against litigation concerning advertising, protection from personal injuries to other people and employees, property damage, and bodily injury.


Bodily injuries are covered by general liability insurance.

If your business or one of your employees acting on behalf of your business becomes involved in any type of legal action, then general liability insurance will pay for the costs of judgments against your company or your employee. The insurance will also pay for court costs and legal fees. Most general liability insurance does not cover punitive damages, but you can get riders that cover punitive damages.

The most innocent ad that you distribute may offend a certain small group of people inadvertently to the extent that they sue you in a civil liberties or discrimination litigation. Your competitors may sue you if one of your ads makes claims about the other company that can be proven to be false or misleading. Florida general liability insurance protects your business from this type of legal action.

Personal injury is often mistaken as injury to another person’s body. Personal injury involves slander, libel, wrongful eviction, arrest, and any action you take that could have a detrimental effect on another person’s reputation, freedom, civil rights, or ability to find employment.

If you or one of your employees damages the property of another individual Florida general liability insurance protects you up to the policy amount for damage caused to the property of another person. Accidents that cause damage to another person’s property are common and unintended but unavoidable.

Bodily injury involves damage to a person that requires the attention of a physician or hospitalization. Florida general liability insurance protects you by paying for the costs of treatment for your employees or other people that visit your business if they sustain an injury. The protection is necessary considering the ever-increasing costs of medical care.

Florida general liability insurance is not a requirement for a business, but it is a necessity to protect your business from loss though most of the litigation that can be involved in doing business.

Florida General Liability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Think of general liability insurance as an investment in your business. It will protect you in cases where claims are made against you, providing legal coverage and settlement coverage depending on the policy that you purchase. As you determine your needs, get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

How Soon Can I Get General Liability Insurance Coverage?

Our application process can be completed in minutes, but it could take a few days to find the perfect policy for your needs. At Moran Insurance, we take the time to compare all your options so that you can make an informed decision. Once you have settled on a policy, we will take care of the application so that you can focus on what you do best: running your day to day business.

What is the Best Way to Buy Insurance?

Due to the complex nature of commercial insurance, working with a broker is the best way to see all your options and get a customized policy that suits your needs. At Moran Insurance we work with an extensive network of Florida insurers so that you have freedom of choice. We will also work to secure the lowest possible rates so that you can save money on your policy.

Will I Get a Certificate of Insurance?

Absolutely! We can provide digital or physical copies of your certificate of insurance.

What Types of Businesses are Covered?

We specialize in all businesses, regardless of size and industry. If you are operating in Florida and need general liability insurance, it’s time to talk to the team at Moran.

Is General Liability Insurance Required by Law?

There is no legal requirement to have general liability insurance in Florida. Most commercial insurance products are optional, but still highly recommended. You will shoulder unnecessary risks if you don’t have coverage. A claim raised against your business could be financially disastrous, with the potential to end all that you have worked for. The benefits of insurance far outweigh any associated costs.

Can I Add Other Insurance Policies?

With Moran Insurance you can work with a broker to package all your commercial insurance needs. This will help to keep things simple, while potentially reducing overall costs. You can explore all your options for commercial auto insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and much more.

Will My Employees be Covered?

Florida general liability Insurance extends to cover employees.

Employees will be covered under a Florida general liability insurance policy; however, coverage will not extend to contractors and subcontractors. Florida general liability insurance may not be required by law, but you should still see it as a necessity. If you want to protect your business from claims, you will need a comprehensive insurance package.

Talk to Moran Insurance to discover your options today. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that you have a policy for any outcome.

Can I Package My General Liability Insurance with Other Types of Insurance?

Finding the right insurance provider is a challenge that all businesses face. It can also be difficult to find specific policies that will suit your unique needs. We’ve talked about how a broker can make it easier to find the right insurance at a price you can afford. Working with an insurance broker will also provide options regarding all the types of coverage that your business would need.

To have peace of mind when operating your business, you will need other forms of coverage beyond general liability. Moran Insurance can package all your policies, simplifying the process of finding insurance. This can also keep your billing manageable, with greater overall visibility.

Other forms of insurance that you can find through Moran Insurance include:

  • Commercial auto insurance, for peace of mind when you or your staff are using company vehicles. This insurance can cover liability, accidents, injuries, vehicle damage and replacement, and more.
  • Workers compensation insurance to protect your team members. Every company in Florida that hires more than two full-time employees needs a workers comp plan. We can find the most affordable option that meets your coverage requirements.
  • Professional liability insurance is another essential that you can buy through Moran Insurance. This type of insurance will give you financial protection to defend yourself legally if customers raise legal cases related to losses experienced when buying your products or services. We can also find the perfect policy for medical malpractice insurance, a specialized form of liability insurance designed for doctors and other medical professionals.
  • Your property is key to your business success. You can have peace of mind when you find affordable commercial property insurance with Moran Insurance.

For a comprehensive insurance package that leaves nothing up to chance, talk to the experts at Moran Insurance.

Standing-By to Provide General Liability Insurance Consulting Today

You should have the freedom to operate your business without the fear of ‘what if?’. At Moran Insurance, we use our experience and our vast network of industry contacts to ensure that you find the best insurance policies that provide the best level of coverage for the lowest possible price. We don’t cut corners, ensuring that you have exactly what you need to run your business without unnecessary stress.

Contact us today to begin the consultation process and find a commercial general liability insurance policy that works for you.

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