About us

About Us

Moran Insurance & Financial Solutions is your independent insurance agency serving the entire state of Florida with office locations in Ponte Vedra Beach, Vero Beach, and Maitland, FL. Our mission is to connect our client with an Insurance Program or Financial Solution that makes good business sense.

At Moran, we aren’t insurers. We’re a team of talented and highly experienced professionals that operate independently in the market. As licensed insurance agents, we will advocate for your needs and find the best coverage at the right price.

Find affordable insurance coverage no matter your needs. Moran Insurance is the best licensed insurance agency in Florida.

Moran Insurance and its team of licensed insurance specialists offer a large range of insurance solutions. We offer a variety of personal, business and group insurance programs to fit your exact needs. Insurance solutions such as Florida homeowners insurance, auto insurance, commercial general liability, worker's compensation and commercial property insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach, Palm Valley, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Maitland, and Vero Beach and all other cities in the Sunshine State.

You encounter new and complex challenges daily. Proper planning and alleviation of your risks ensures that you or your business are protected when the unexpected occurs. Whether your need is to reduce your group health insurance premiums or to add a new Business Insurance policy to your thriving company. Let us mitigate your risks through our proven methodologies.

We offer unique insight, in a competitive marketplace, that differentiates us from the crowd. Combining these insights with proper strategic planning we have built a reputation of being a solutions-based company. We remain committed to those values and are focused on our vision of being the Florida Insurance & Financial Solutions of choice for our clients and forthcoming clients. Our dedicated staff is committed to the sustainable financial growth of you or your company. We will give you the peace of mind to let you concentrate on the important parts of your life or business. Let us do our job and manage the risks so you don’t have to.

Types Of Insurance You Can Purchase Through Moran Experts

Our licensed insurance professionals are standing by to assist with a range of coverage types. We can help you with both commercial and personal insurance in Florida.

Trust Moran Insurance Brokers for All Your Coverage Needs

Personal insurance such as homeowners insurance is essential for your peace of mind and financial protection. Talk to us for all our insurance policy solutions, including:

Businesses also need comprehensive coverage to protect staff, property, owners, and future revenue. Talk to Moran Insurance for:

Florida is a state where condo associations are common. We can find the perfect insurance policies for homeowners associations and condo associations.

Talk to us now to discuss your options and get insured for the year ahead.

Our Independence Means We Can Deliver Services Without Compromises

We’ll Link You With Top Insurance Companies

At Moran, we aren’t insurers. We’re a team of talented and highly experienced professionals that operate independently in the market. As licensed insurance agents, we work directly with providers of all sizes to ensure that you get the best deal.

Our large professional network means that you can get access to plans that you might not otherwise find when exploring the market alone. We work with the major insurers, as well as smaller companies that can provide niche coverage. From home and contents insurance to specialized medical practitioner insurance, we’re the team to call when you want the best rates and the simplest experience possible.

Talk to Moran for:

  • Friendly agents that respect your time and your needs.
  • Competitive insurance rates thanks to an extensive network of providers.
  • An easier application process where you only have to submit your paperwork once.
  • Ongoing support throughout the exploration and signing process.
  • General advice, helping you to find the right policy based on your needs.
  • An ongoing relationship to ensure that you get the best policy, year after year.

Experience the difference with Moran Insurance experts today. Our insurance brokers perform the role of expert industry professionals. You won’t find a better service in Florida, so talk to the team and get started on your next policy.

How Is Our Florida Independent Agency Different?

We at Moran Insurance & Financial Solutions hold a very unique position as your insurance agent, broker, consultant and you the client benefit from that position. Being an independent financial solutions company, we have access to multiple Florida insurance carriers, products, and solutions that are customized to fit your needs. We are a family-owned company that builds relationships one client at a time. It doesn't matter if you're looking for Auto, Life, Group Health, or Florida home insurance, we are here to help you through every step of the process.

Our distinctive market position, overhauling resources, and knowledgeable, yet creative staff, make our reputation of finding the solution to your complex agenda a standard. Our client focus, (See Testimonials) industry expertise and service will exceed all expectations. That is the Moran Insurance & Financial Solutions customer experience.

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