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Your Auto insurance is mandated by the state you reside in. It protects you against financial loss if in the even an accident occurs while driving. Auto Insurance is a contract between yourself and the car insurance company. If you a pay your premium based on the contractual agreement, your insurance carrier in return, will pay future financial losses.

Most Florida auto insurance coverage provides protection for items like property, liability and various amounts of medical insurance coverage

  • Property insurance coverage pays for losses due to stolen cars.
  • Liability insurance coverage pays for your legal responsibilities due to bodily injury or other property damages.
  • Medical Insurance coverage pays for claims occurred from the accident like treating injuries, rehabilitation and in some cases lost income.

Your auto insurance policy is made up of many kinds of coverage. Every state is slightly different and requires you to buy some or all line items of coverage. Do you know what a Florida auto insurance policy requires for minimum coverage?

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