A Florida business owner’s policy (BOP) provides coverage for the tangible and some intangible assets that a business owns. The policy also adds extra protection against bodily injury that a person that visits your business or uses your service may incur. The policy can also protect your income from natural disasters, fires, and other events that force your business out of operation for an extended period.

All of the protection afforded a business owner by a business owner’s policy goes above and beyond any other insurance protection that the business owner may have. This type of insurance is designed for the small and medium-sized company but can be made to fit large organizations. The level of coverage that you need depends on the type of business that you are involved in, where you live in Florida, and the value of all of the assets that you use in your business. Get BOP quotes by calling 800-554-9142, or contact us at

When calculating the amount of coverage that you need for the physical and intangible assets of your company, you need to consider all assets. Most businesses or their accounting firm usually keep a running file of business assets. You need to make an inventory of all your assets and a realistic evaluation of present value and replacement costs before you decide on the amount of Florida business insurance you need.

You also need to consider relatively intangible assets like data files and computer information that could be lost in a fire or through some natural disaster. Special forms of Florida Business insurance can cover this type of loss.

Even if your business is completely destroyed by a hurricane the bills keep coming in. One of the benefits of business owner’s insurance is that you are protected from loss in the event that a natural disaster or a man-made disaster destroys or damages your business to the extent that you cannot operate for a long period of time.

Before you decide on the amount of coverage you need you should have a good grasp of your monthly expenses involved in doing business. In some instances you can include employee’s salaries in the policy. You will pay higher rates in the areas of Florida that are more prone to floods and hurricanes.

Usually, your other insurance will not be sufficient to pay the court costs, damages, and legal fees that a law suit against your firm can produce. Business owner’s insurance provides the added protection in the event that a person is injured on your premises, a person sustains injury from a faulty installation, and in most instances where a person may incur bodily injury due to a product you make or sell.

You should consider the number of times you have been sued for personal injury and the potential that your products or service have for causing personal injury before you make a decision about a policy amount.

Business owner’s insurance provides the coverage above and beyond other insurance that protects your investment.

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