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Prospective buyers of condominium homes do not always have the full spectrum of what it takes to be a legal owner of the home property. The hidden details within the law can create real problems after signing the contract. Other acts like the Florida Condo Association change that could put you in a legal battle with the local authorities.

The aftermath of such complications results in expenses of trying to find legal representation. The first rule is to know and understand all the legal bindings of buying a condominium in Florida. Two major statutory regulations should safeguard you against most legal problems – insurance and the Florida Condo Association law.


Homeowners of a new property do not care to learn the policies of the insurance. The main reason for such complications is that the prospective homebuyers generally do not have prior knowledge or relationship with a competent insurance firm. They do not know how to proceed in the face of catastrophes like weather storms or water damage.

Refund of coverage
The mortgage company will usually transfer the details of insurance or allow you to find your own separate insurance company to take over the coverage after maturation of the deal. Paying insurance safeguards you from the bind of paying out of pocket when the need arises. Additionally, the laws of the State of Florida will have your back when the insurance firm defaults on its promises.

The first step to utilizing your Moran Insurance coverage policy is, to sum up, the value of all lost items. Include items in all other rooms such as the basement. Our representative will work with you to refund the full amount of damaged items. The insurance firm may require that you find the real market value of the item before submitting a final report.

The refunded amount will include living expenses to cater to accommodation, food, and transport. Homeowners with a property that exceeds $1 million in value can buy up to four policies to protect against recurrent natural catastrophes.

The Florida Condo Association Law

Records and ownership

The latest revision of the law states that owners of condominiums with 150 or more units should post copies if the official documents on the website. The website should be under the ownership of the condominium’s association.

Alternatively, it should be an independently operating website under the management of a third-party service provider. The association should ensure that they have full ownership of such sites. Associations with condominiums with less than 150 units have an exemption from the legislation.

Access to site

The site should be accessible with an Internet connection. The webmaster ought to provide the association with all the login credentials that will give access to the back end of the site.

The webmaster should know that the Florida Condo Association law does not permit them to post privileged data of the firm. This setup would generally mean that the webmaster has to verify the permissions of the official records before making them public.



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