Find out how you can create a better workplace safety program. In Florida, you want to do your very best to keep employees safe. This means taking the time to identify potential workplace accidents and create solutions that will reduce the likelihood of employees injuring themselves. With a better program, employees are going to be safer and happier.


One of the first things you want to do to be sure you create a strong workplace safety program in Florida is to conduct a risk assessment. This can be done by you and a few of your department heads or you can hire a third party. Take the time to walk every inch of your property, noting anything that could result in an accident.

Such things can include:

  • Uneven flooring
  • Sharp objects
  • Damaged equipment
  • Chemical usage

Once you have a risk assessment completed, you can identify areas of opportunity.


Sometimes, talking with employees can be one of the best ways to learn about what needs to be done to improve safety standards. Employees know how they have been injured in the past. They want nothing more than to work in a safe environment. As long as you are willing to listen, employees will generally tell you everything you want to hear.

It can also be advantageous to create a safety committee where you empower a few employees. Have them conduct a safety meeting with other employees periodically and conduct a walk through to identify any potential risks.


Training employees can help to minimize a number of accidents. This includes on how to use equipment, how to report an accident, and much more. Some training should be given to new employees while some training should be ongoing with the employees who have been on staff for years.


Create a list of the PPE you need to have available to your employees. This list is going to vary from industry to industry as well as within individual properties. Such things as ear plugs, goggles, and rubber gloves are all forms of PPE. However, you may want to talk to a risk management specialist to find out if there is other personal protective equipment that you should obtain as well.


You want to be sure you have workers compensation insurance in Florida. Any time you have more than a handful of employees it is required of you. A good policy will make it so that employees can get the medical treatment that they need. Additionally, when you have a good workplace safety program in place, you are less likely to have accidents. Fewer accidents will also result in more affordable insurance because there won’t be as many claims.