Are you ready for the Hurricane season?

Florida is one of the most hurricanes prone states in the U.S. Hurricanes are one of the worst natural disasters, decimating property and ripping houses apart. Hurricane season is a major reason why homeowners insurance in Florida is the most expensive in the nation. Insurers would suffer financial losses if they were to reduce premiums. Claims made on replacement costs after hurricanes are in huge amounts. Authorities are still trying to come up with ways in which people would not have to pay so much and get the coverage needed for hurricanes.

Hurricane season and homeowners insurance in Florida go hand in hand. To be able to survive the season, you will need to have a good strong insurance policy which will provide you with the required coverage for emerging from the damage caused. There are some limits as to what can be covered but any kind of coverage would be better than no coverage.


Protecting possessions As soon as you know of a forecast in Florida, ensure that you start taking inventory of all your belongings that are covered in your insurance. Home insurance companies suggest that you keep pictures of your personal possessions; a photo will be taken as a solid proof. It is often seen that items get destroyed due to the hurricane so a picture or video is the best way to build your case.

Prepare your home You can take simple actions to minimize destruction, like installing impact windows, shutters. Another good idea is to keep movable things inside the house like plant pots, barbeque grills to avoid from having things flying at you during the storm.

Dealing with damage The first thing is take note during the aftermath of a natural disaster is to take inventory of all the damage and then call your Homeowners insurance agent who will take it from there.